April 30, 2014

A Prep's Essentials for Surviving Finals

A Prep's Essentials for Surviving Finals

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Between studying and taking exams, the time I spend on my appearance often lessens. During finals, you will often find me in a T-shirt, Nike shorts and a hat. I often pair this look with my Jacks to give it a preppier look. I believe comfort is the main priority when tackling exams. 

Studying can often be so tiresome, this is why I take many Starbucks runs. It gives me that extra boost to get me through my chaotic schedule. 

Staying organized is crucial in making sure you don't miss an exam. My Lilly Pulitzer planner is my ultimate lifesaver. 

In order to study, I highlight all of the important details. I also use sticky notes to write any important terms I may need to know.

 The most important lesson in taking finals is to RELAX, and always be PREPARED.

Good luck to everyone in accomplishing your finals! 


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