February 16, 2014

Welcoming Lilly Pulitzer To Knoxville With My Lilly Twin

Friendship Background/Reunion:
After meeting in high school and having all our classes together we became high school best friends. Along with our other friend Morgan, we became collectively known as MRM (Morgan, Rebeka, Morgan). It’s been nearly four years since we graduated from high school and it feels like it just happened yesterday. We’ve both gone our separate ways. Rebeka is now married, living about 2 hours away, and studying at Lee University. Morgan is student teaching in Maryville City and will graduate from Tennessee Tech University in May with a degree in Elementary Education. Even though we have gone our separate ways in life, some things will never change. We’ve always had the same style, thoughts, and ideas. To this day we still wear the exact same outfits on the same days without planning it. We share a brain and soul. Above all, we are TN bloggers and LILLY PULITZER SISTERS! When we found out that the Knoxville Lilly Pulitzer store was opening, we KNEW we had to experience it together! One the second day of it being open, we reunited to visit it together!

Here is what we experienced! 

Store Details:

We were thrilled to find out that a Lilly store would be in our area, Knoxville TN! Shopping for LP just got a lot easier and more convenient!  

The store opened on Valentine’s Day! By the second day of being open, we HAD to make a visit. 
The displays were simply beautiful! Everything was super organized by item AND pattern. I loved that each section look completely different but equally as fabulous. We could have stared at the tables and racks ALL DAY!

When it came time to try on our fabulous finds, we were placed in the Knoxville dressing room! It was seriously SO perfect and bright! We both can agree we would LOVE for someone to paint a room in our house like this!

Our Favorite Item:
-The NEW Knoxville TN Print!-
Clearly the two of us was IN LOVE with the new “hometown print.” We both left the store with the Knoxville scarf.
Many people have asked, what is on the scarf?

Here are a few things that represent our town!

1. Neyland Stadium

2. Knoxville Riverboat

3. Iconic “Tennessee Theatre” sign in downtown (changed to say Palm Village)

4. Dogwood Flowers

5. The Dogwood Trail

6. Smoky Mountains

7. Market Square Dining

8. Black bears

What we bought:

1. Murfee Scarf-Knoxville TN Print ($118)
*I have loved the murfee scarves made by Lilly Pulitzer for a really long time. I own 4 already but THIS was a MUST BUY for me. There is nothing classier than wearing hometown pride in the design of the FAB Lilly Pulitzer.*

2. The Lilly White Dress-Macon Tunic Dress ($368)
*I’ve been looking for the PERFECT dress for graduation. I’m HAPPY to say I found it. I cannot wait to walk across the stage wearing my FAVE designer and my dream dress! I love that it’s timeless, classic, & also a little gypsy...just like me!*

1. Murfee Scarf-Knoxville TN Print ($118)
*I have seriously been waiting on this print to come out for a long time! I have ALWAYS wanted a TN print. So when it finally did, I had to own this beautiful little piece of Knoxville, Lilly style!*

2. Charlotte Wristlet Phone Case- Resort White In The Garden ($58)
*I own one of the carded ID Wristlets. The downfall to this item is that it is made out of cloth material. Therefore, it gets dirty VERY easily! So when I came across the Charlotte Wristlet Phone Case I had to own it! The material is like leather so it can EASILY be spot-cleaned! I also fell in LOVE with the Resort White In The Garden print. This new Spring 2014 print was inspired by Forsythe Park in Savannah! It is absolutely STUNNING and so me!*
3. Michele V-Neck Top- Cabana Pink Sunnyside ($44)
*This top is a Lilly ESSENTIAL! Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex this top is SUPER comfy! It will pair nicely with jeans, shorts, or capris! Not to mention the lions in light pink and green are ADORABLE!*
The best part about the store and this shopping experience?
Being able to be reunited with someone we haven’t seen in a long time. There is truly NO ONE we would have rather gone with than each other!

We forever will be Lilly Pulitzer sisters!

So, if you are IN Knoxville, AROUND Knoxville, or just passing through, stop by the Lilly Pulitzer Palm Avenue Store Today!


  1. Oh my goodness this looks like such a fun day!! I have been "blessed" in that both in my hometown in New England and my college here in NC I have access to a Lilly store within 5 mins from my house/dorm. ;-) I have to stay away though for fear of spending all the money in my bank account, haha! Anyways, love these pictures, and happy that you have a Lilly store nearby!

    xoxo Miss ALK

    1. Thank you! We had a BLAST! I know exactly what you mean. I could literally spend every penny on Lilly!


  2. I used to go to an all girl's boarding girl and Lilly Pulitzer was HUGE there. I love it! I just came across your blog and I look forward to following along!

    1. Allison-Are the dressing rooms not PERFECT? I fell in love with them!

      Ashley- Thank you SO much for following along! I love Lilly Pulitzer and my blogs consist of a lot of Lilly! I hope you enjoy!



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