February 10, 2014

Tennessee Bloggers

If you are a blogger and live in Tennessee then we have an adorable button for you! Morgan and Rebeka have teamed up to unite Tennessee bloggers. You will be able to view other bloggers from your state and easily connect with them! To begin with, here is a little bit about us.

Meet Morgan            

Hi y’all! My name is Morgan Hill Sellers and I am from beautiful East Tennessee. I was born and raised here in a little town called Maryville. If you've ever heard anything about my hometown I'm willing to bet it had something to do with our football teams.

I grew up right across the street from my grandparents and I still live in the same community today. I love being from a small country town. It makes everything worthwhile. My family has a few farms where we raise cattle, have cabins, and enjoy fishing in our catfish ponds. I love anything SOUTHERN.

I graduated from a VERY well know high school and am currently set to graduate college with my degree in Elementary Education in May 2014. Tennessee Tech and the education department has truly changed my life. I am so in love with the career I have chosen. There is truly nothing more rewarding than being a teacher. Children are like flowers. They all grow at their own pace and transform into different beings. But at the end of the day they won't get anywhere in life without a little sunshine and water.
Teachers are the sunshine and water that make our children grow into beautiful little flowers.

I am the girl who drinks sweet tea out of a mason jar while sitting on my front porch in a rocking chair listening to some old George Strait. I am the girl who would wear Patagonia or Lilly Pulitzer everyday if it were possible.
I am a Tennessee girl...AND THIS IS WHO I AM.
My blog is all about faith, family, fashion, crafts, monograms, country music, inspirational stories, interviews, DIY projects, teaching, lesson plans, and anything else that fits in the "Southern" category.
Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Meet Rebeka

Hello everyone! My name is Rebeka Ervin. I was born and raised in East Tennessee and I would not have it any other way! I would choose a small town over a big city any day! Maryville is the small town I grew up in. Although I no longer live there it will always be Home Sweet Home.

I graduated from MHS in 2010. I cannot believe it has been 4 years! I now attend a GORGEOUS private college, Lee University, in Cleveland, TN. My favorite part about attending college at Lee is that prayers are said before each class, this I value so much.

My dream is to work with kids. I aspire to become a child psychologist or psychiatrist. I am not sure which one yet! Either way I have much schooling ahead and will work hard until the bitter end! My desire is to help kids with emotional disabilities or just be the person always there to lend them an ear.

I LOVE many things in life such as: God, my sweet husband, family, my precious dog Charlie, my friends, Lilly Pulizter, monograms, cowgirl boots, mason jars, ball caps, Tennessee football and ALL things Southern.

I also love blogging! You can visit my blog at http://southernervinliving.blogspot.com There you will find Southern style, recipes, decor, crafts and a little bit about life in the South!

I hope ya’ll enjoy!

General Rules:
-Have an active blog and live in Tennessee
-Take button and make visible on your site
-Add your name/link using the link at the bottom of the page
-Your blog must be active (must have posted something within at least 6 months)

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Created By: Morgan

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Created By: Rebeka

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