February 11, 2014

Tuesday's Outfit of Choice

Hello again to all of my LOVELY readers! I really liked my outfit today so I thought why not share it with ya’ll!?  I would love to hear feedback on what you ladies think!

So my favorite item of clothing here lately has been men button up shirts! Believe it or not women can pull them off. I am a huge fan of oversized clothing. So I stole my husband’s shirt out of the closet this morning and this is how I dressed it up to match my style!

I paired this button up with my favorite Croft & Barrow vest and an orange button up necklace. I love the contrast between the blue and orange!

I also added my favorite jewelry items that I wear everyday, my watch, Pandora, and monogrammed R bracelet.

So they were calling for snow today so of course I had to wear my Hunters. Even though it did not snow, I am ALWAYS happy to wear these wellies.

My three favorite pieces worn together: Michael Kors watch, Pandora and an accent bracelet from Francescas's Collections.

As always thank you SO MUCH for reading! Feel free to leave me some comments. I love hearing from ya’ll!

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