February 12, 2014

Surviving Winter: Morgan & Rebeka's Must Haves

Happy Wednesday readers! We have decided to write another co-blog about our top 3 Winter must haves! You can look for our co-blogs every Wednesday. We hope ya’ll enjoy! We look forward in hearing your comments/feedback.

Morgan's FASHION Winter Must Haves

1. Riding Boots: Everyone knows that with cold weather and winter comes boots. It’s almost embarrassing how many pairs of boots I have. Of course I own many different styles of boots, but my favorite is a classic leather riding boot. I own 4 pair and I wear them all the time and with all different outfits. I have one pair of Frye boots that are a vanilla color and they are hands down my favorite pair. I also own three pair of Steve Madden boots in random shades of brown. There forever will be something so classic, southern, and timeless about a good leather boot. One of my favorite/ dream pairs is by Tory Burch. $495 (Photo from Tory Burch website!)  

2. Pea-Coats: A simple peacoat is something every southern lady should have in her closet. Like a little black dress and a nude pair of heels, a peacoat is a MUST HAVE! I have SO many peacoats that I’ve lost count. With the amount of colors you can find them in, the options are endless. They are classic and timeless but also add a bit of spunk to any outfit. My personal favorite place to buy them? J. CRew. They range in price from $50-$299. Even though they can get pricey..they are worth EVERY penny. This item is definitely an investment piece!  

3. Scarves: When winter comes we are all looking to stay warm right? Well what if I told you that you could stay warm, look cute, AND brighten up the cold months for about $150? YES! Lilly Pulitzer scarves do JUST THAT! I cannot get enough of my Lilly scarves.

Rebeka’s BEAUTY Winter Must Haves:

1. BODY SCRUB-Everyone knows that dry skin comes with Winter. I love exfoliating my skin a few times a week that way I am free from rough scaly skin! Because who want’s that!? My personal favorite body scrub is Warm Vanilla Sugar, Golden Sugar Scrub, by Bath and Body Works. They are $16.50 a bottle and worth every penny! After every use my skin feels AMAZINGLY smooth because of the apricot and almond oils it has in it. Not to mention the scent of warm vanilla sugar smells heavenly! (Photo: Courtesy of Bath and Body Works)

2. PHILOSOPHY, HOPE IN A JAR-This gentle moisturizer exfoliates and moisturizes in one step. The best part is that it is non-oily so it won’t leave your face looking shiny. I love how it makes dull winter skin look more radiant and healthy looking. Hope in a jar seriously will perform a miracle on your face! This is one step in my morning routine I CANNOT go without. The price ranges depending on the size you wish to purchase-$15-$117 (Photo: Courtesy of Philosophy)

3. BABY LIPS- I have not had chapped lips one time this Winter because I ALWAYS wear Baby Lips by Maybelline New York! I have found that this lip balm gives you SUPER smooth lips! They are $3.99 each and I literally have 4 different ones! The medicated lip balm is my favorite. They hydrate for up to 12 hours! I also love that you can get them in different shades of pink for a PERFECT touch of color. (Photo: Courtesy of Maybelline)


When trying to decide on one WINTER STAPLE that we BOTH could not live without, the first thing that we could decide on was Patagonia pullovers. Clearly we both love them considering our outfits today were identical. We both paired our favorite pullover (Morgan’s=Dark Teal with purple outline; Rebeka’s=Grey with fuschia outline) with another one of the items on the list: Lilly Murfee scarves.

The best part about Patagonia pullovers? The fact that they can be worn in many different ways. They can be dressed up or dressed down.

Plain & simple: they are cozy and perfect for this snowy weather!

With a plethora of colors and styles to choose from, the outfit options are ENDLESS!

We hope you enjoy our winter picks as much as we do!

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    1. Thank you SO much! We greatly appreciate it! I hope your Valentine's Day is wonderful.



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