May 9, 2014

Lilly Inspired Canvases Available in Southern Ervin Living the Shop

Summer break means more time to show my artsy side, in between nannying of course. I have always wanted to attempt to paint a Lilly Pulitzer pattern. I can officially say that I have now accomplished just that, and pretty well I think. 

I am in the process of adding more items to my Etsy shop, Southern Ervin Living The Shop- Click Here to Access

I want my shop to include many different crafty creations produced by myself. Since I was a child, art has always been of great value to me. I want my shop to showcase my love for art. 

With that being said, my first Lilly Pulitzer inspired canvas, featuring You Gotta Regatta is now available in my shop for $30.00! 

I LOVE this print, it clearly says summer. It will look fabulous in any room. 

Be on the lookout for many more Lilly inspired canvases. Also, I will be adding monograms to a selection of my paintings! 

I would love to here which patterns you favor, and which ones you would like to see in my shop, please comment below. 



  1. I love the one I painted! I don't know how you can sell it! I was going to but I fell in love with mine too much! SO CUTE! I think you should try the Knoxville pattern! I have started it but I know yours will look better!

    1. Thanks girl! I have already sold 3! Needless to say I will be doing A LOT of painting today! I want to try the Knox pattern, it definitely looks difficult! I am sure yours will look GREAT!


  2. I love the painting! It screams summer! Now you have me itching to pull out my canvases and start painting. I haven't painted in nearly a year because of college courses. (Like you, summer is my opportunity to express my creative side, what with the lack of homework and all ;) ) Definitely going to check out your etsy!

    Not sure if you're interested or not, but I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. I'm awful at figuring out how many followers people have, but I think you're under the 200/300 max. If you'd like to participate, here's the link:
    ~ Katie


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