September 28, 2014

Want & Need This

I am continuing on with the blog-tember challenge and I cannot believe it is almost over. I have certainly enjoyed it. I am posting yesterday's prompt a day late...better late than never! Due to my love for Pinterest, it was super easy to create my wish list to share with y'all. 

Of course my wish list includes a few fashion staples, but I also incorporated some must have home d├ęcor items. 

September 27th Prompt: What is on your wish list? 

What are you wishing for?


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September 24, 2014

Autumn Bucket List

It is day twenty-four of the Blog-tember challenge, and today's challenge is perfect for kicking off the new season. 

Today's prompt: Your fall bucket list. What do you want to do before winter rolls around?

Cleveland, TN is simply stunning in the Fall. 

Autumn Bucket List:
-Host a pumpkin carving party.
-Attend a Tennessee football game.
-Visit the pumpkin patch. 
-Go apple picking.
-Paint/carve pumpkins.
-Enter Charlie (my pooch) in a costume contest and win.
-Create my own hot chocolate recipe 
-Purchase boot socks with the lace at the top.
-Go to the last fall festival back in my hometown.
-Visit a haunted house with friends.
-Visit a corn-maze.
-Make S'mores by a campfire 

What are you hoping to accomplish this Fall?

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September 22, 2014

Welcome Autumn

I can now say that Fall has officially arrived. Yes, Fall is my favorite time of the year. After all, what is not to love about it? 

In honor of the first full day of Fall, I decided to post this Blog-tember topic a few days later than it is listed in the Challenge. 

September 21st Prompt: Fall favorites. What do you love most about Fall?
Pictures from Pinterest
This topic is incredibly easy for me to write, considering how I love everything about the season of Fall. Let me be more specific...

Fall Favorites 
Bright leaves. Mums. Warm Lattes. Oversized Flannel. Boots. Tennessee Football. Cozy Scarves. Pumpkin Candles. Bonfires and Making S'mores. Caramel Apples. Glitter Pumpkins. Dressing in Layers. Burlap Wreathes. Apple Cider. 

What do you love most about Fall? 


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September 16, 2014

A Fall Printable Freebie

I am starting my Wednesday off with this lovely freebie for all of my readers. I hope you truly enjoy it. I pretty much print off quotes or illustrations that have a particular theme for the season or holiday. This Fall, I decided that I should just put my creativity to good use and make my own. 

This is what I came up with, a simple yet chic layout with a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald. "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall." I think this is a beautiful quote that is absolutely true. With every start to the season of Fall, it feels like a new breath of fresh air.  

Now all that is left to do is click the download button below and print. Side note, I highly suggest printing on cardboard stock. It just looks nicer. However, if you do not have cardboard stock, regular paper is fine as well. Then choose a pretty frame of you choice. 

I hope you all enjoy it. Happy Fall! 

Burgundy & Navy

What I Wore: Hat- Ralph Lauren, Striped Top- Target, Skinnies- Target, Crossbody- Target, Boots- Target (I know literally this whole outfit is guessed it, Target!)

Before the weather gets too cool, I wanted to wear this burgundy and navy sleeveless top one last time.  I have worn it a few times and I love it, specifically for the thickness in the material. It also does not hurt that it is striped. I adore anything with stripes on it. I also must say that I really like the colors burgundy and navy together. They compliment each other quiet well. 

My small cross body just so happen to match this top to a tee. The two different patterns go well together. Ok so I want to talk about these boots. I just purchased them for a whole $17, yes that's right. I am pretty much already obsessed with them so I know they will be a frequent go-to item. 

Once again, I completed my outfit with a hat. Originally, I did not plan on wearing a hat today but the weather just so happened to be uncooperative. Rain plus my hair simply do not mix.


September 15, 2014

Gold Details

It is day fifteen of the blogtember challenge. I LOVE participating in this challenge when I am not doing fashion posts of my own. If you haven't checked it out thus far, it is not too late to join in. If you are having trouble finding that perfect topic to blog about, I encourage you to join the challenge.

Today's PromptMake a mood board. Are you brainstorming a room re-do, or are you dreaming of glamping with gal pals? Share a collage of any kind!
Pictures from Pinterest 

Pinterest has become a hobby of mine I pursue in my free time, or when I just need to unwind. I find myself pinning a ton of home decor inspiration as well as fashion. Frequently, I feel inspired to reorganize or decorate our home. Pinterest is where I begin. I find something I like and try to re-create it. You can find me on Pinterest here.

Clearly, gold is my new obsession. Gold says glam. It is amazing what a little touch of gold will do for any room. Gold office supplies look really chic sitting out on a desk. Likewise, art created with gold will flatter a room. The possibilities are simply endless. 


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September 12, 2014

Watermelon Coralina

What I Wore: Polo Hat- TJ Maxx, Blue Cardigan- Old Navy, White T-Shirt- Old Navy, Lilly Pulitzer Scarf in Watermelon Coralina- Belk, Monogrammed Necklace- Etsy Shop MyPersonalized, Earrings- Tory Burch, Belt- Old Navy, Skinnies- Target, Wedges- Target, Rose Gold Watch- Michael Kors 

A rainy evening called for a mini photo shoot indoors. I had Watermelon Coralina wrapped around my neck to add the perfect touch to my outfit. I adore how it pops against the pale blue cardigan. 

If you couldn't tell, I admire hats. Not only do they cover my hair on bad hair days, but they also create a comfy yet casual look. Today was one of those days where I just needed a hat to complete my look. 

Okay enough about my outfit, you might have noticed a little bit of Fall decor in the background. Fall is my favorite season, if you couldn't already tell. I will be creating a whole post dedicated to Fall at the Ervin's. In it, I will share with y'all a look inside our cozy home. Be on the lookout! 


September 11, 2014

Sail Away

What I Wore: Sail Boat Top- Old Navy, Navy Skirt- Target, Crossbody- Target, Sandals- Jack Rogers, Earrings- Tory Burch 

I recently purchased this sail boat top and I must say that I already adore it. Earlier in the day, I simply paired it with skinnies. I then decided to switch it up a bit and throw in this navy skirt into the mix. 

This navy skirt is one of my ultimate go-to's. What doesn't go well with navy? My personal preference is navy over black. It still creates a classy look. 

Today's photo session was in down-town Cleveland, TN. I now have a mild obsession with finding new locations for taking pictures. I found this ally-way and said, "Why not photograph here!?" This location gave off a coolness vibe. Cleveland has so many unique spots for photographing. I cannot wait to explore even more. 

P.S. The Starbucks drink in my hand was a white mocha latte, another Starbucks fave beside the PSL. 


September 10, 2014

Fall Shoe Must-Haves

Fall Shoe Wish List

Tory burch boots / Jack Rogers black booties / Brown boots / Jack Rogers d orsay flat / TOMS lace up boots / Hunter red shoes, $115

Clearly I am obsessed with boots. Here are my top picks for this season, including one pair of must have flats.

1. Jack Roger Booties- I was completely caught off guard to see that Jack Rogers created booties. Clearly they are known for their classic sandals. But, how adorable and stylish are these, and perfect for Fall!? I would love to have these beauties in my closet, in Oak color of course.

2. Original Short Gloss Hunter Rain Boots- With colder weather, comes nasty weather. Rain boots are a definite necessity for the snow and the obvious, rain. When worn in the snow, I highly suggest a fleece liner. This provides extra insulation to make sure your feet never get cold. I own Hunters in black, but I am gawking over the military red. 

3. Tory Burch Riding Boot- These are my DREAM boots. These would definitely be a splurge, but would be worth every penny. The coconut color is simply gorgeous. 

4. Bean Boots- The classic bean boots are at the top of my list this Fall. Bean boots are super versatile. Pair them with skinnies, leggings or a skirt and your outfit is sure to be fashionable. Bean boots are this season's MUST. 

5. The Contessa- Boots are obviously a Fall necessity. But I could not resist adding these gorgeous Jack Rogers flats in platinum. After all, no matter how much you love boots, you always want to change things up a bit.

6. Toms Desert Wedges- We are all familiar with the classic Toms slip-ons. However, Toms took it to the next level with these suede booties.  

Click on the links in the list above to shop my Fall shoe must-haves! What shoes this season are at the top of your list?


September 9, 2014

Beach Umbrellas

What I Wore: Beach Umbrella Printed Blouse- Ann Taylor, Skinny Jeans- Target, Yellow Statement Necklace- Old Navy, Monogrammed Necklace- MyPersonalized Etsy Shop, Vintage Dooney & Bourke Crossbody- Poshmark, Rose Gold Watch- Michael Kors, Glitter Gold Wedges- Target 

Today was another day of classes. As always, I am looking to dress stylish while also being comfortable, this outfit did just that. Skinnies are ALWAYS my go-to. You can wear just about anything with a good pair of skinny jeans. 

I paired today's skinnies with a fun printed top from Ann Taylor. I am always into fun quirky tops, such as this one. The pastel colored beach umbrellas are pure perfection. 

I know what you're thinking. I wear this yellow statement necklace quiet often, that's because I do. I could not resist adding it to today's outfit. I must say it paired nicely. 

September 7, 2014

Nautical Navy Ropes

What I Wore: Nautical Top-Ann Taylor, Skinny Jeans- Target, Glitter Wedges- Target, Vintage Dooney & Bourke Crossbody- Poshmark, Rosegold Watch- Micahel Kors 

I recently purchased this nautical Ann Taylor top. I wanted to be able to wear it before Fall is officially in season. This is a simple outfit paired with skinnies and gold glitter wedges, which are also newly purchased. These wedges will be a go-to once Summer comes back around. 

September 6, 2014

Currently in September

Today I am writing in on day six of the Blogtember Challenge. If you have yet to join in, you really should check it out! I am throughly enjoying the daily prompts.

Today's PromptA "currently" post. Tell us what you're loving, hating, eating, reading, etc.

Reading the Odyssey, not by choice but by requirement for Western culture. 

Starting a Fall-themed giveaway (if you would like to join in, please contact me)!

Pinning everything Fall, decor, fashion and DIYS. 

Thinking about how much school work I have to tackle today in preparation for next week.

Listening to the fabulous Queen B

Feeling happy to be enjoying this peaceful time of writing

Tweeting about recent blog posts and so much more, follow along HERE 

Loving Starbucks PSL, and everything Fall that is beginning to appear.

Drinking a sweet tea I get to enjoy every now and again 

Going to watch Tennessee football today 

What are your currents?

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September 5, 2014

Blogtember F I V E: Passion

It is another day of taking part in the Blogtember Challenge, day five to be exact.
Today's prompt: I am passionate about ___.

As soon as I am asked this question, a million things go through my head. I have a lot to be passionate about. I am going to narrow it down as much as possible, just know that it would be nearly impossible for me to list everything! 

I Am Passionate About...

my beautiful yet imperfect marriage
rescuing animals and loving our rescued dog Charlie
long conversations with my mom
painting and allowing my creativity to flow
trusting in God to lead me on this journey of life 
educating myself in order to help others in the future 
the crisp season of Fall 
warm Starbucks lattes 
preppy and casual fashion
where I come from, my Southern roots 
staying true to my team, the Tennessee Vols
enjoying good company  
listening to a variety of different music genres 
singing privately throughout the day
Sunday naps with my husband 

The list could go on and on. What are you passionate about?

Brave Love Blog
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