September 16, 2014

Burgundy & Navy

What I Wore: Hat- Ralph Lauren, Striped Top- Target, Skinnies- Target, Crossbody- Target, Boots- Target (I know literally this whole outfit is guessed it, Target!)

Before the weather gets too cool, I wanted to wear this burgundy and navy sleeveless top one last time.  I have worn it a few times and I love it, specifically for the thickness in the material. It also does not hurt that it is striped. I adore anything with stripes on it. I also must say that I really like the colors burgundy and navy together. They compliment each other quiet well. 

My small cross body just so happen to match this top to a tee. The two different patterns go well together. Ok so I want to talk about these boots. I just purchased them for a whole $17, yes that's right. I am pretty much already obsessed with them so I know they will be a frequent go-to item. 

Once again, I completed my outfit with a hat. Originally, I did not plan on wearing a hat today but the weather just so happened to be uncooperative. Rain plus my hair simply do not mix.


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