September 4, 2014

Fashionable in Fur

Good Thursday y'all. I know it has been awhile since I have last blogged. With the chaos of school starting back, it has practically taken all of my time. However, I am happy to be joining The Blog-tember Challenge, created by Bailey Jean, who blogs over at Brave Love. 

For each day of this month, a new topic is to be blogged about. For me personally, I sometimes have a difficult time choosing what to write about. This creates a great opportunity to just write without having to worry about a topic. 

I am joining in on day 4- A fashion trend I love and another, not so much. 
A current fall/winter fashion trend I am obsessing over is a fur vest.

This fashion staple is a really versatile item. It can be paired in many different ways. My personal favorite is a flannel plaid button-up with a statement necklace, completed with a fur vest of course.

As for a trend I am not so fond of...fur boots, there I said it. All though I feel like fur boots, such as UGG, are not as popular as they once were, I still see them frequently in the shoe departments. I am just not a fan. They honestly look to bulky. I suggest purchasing a leather or suede boot.

(Pictures taken from Pinterest)

Brave Love Blog

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