January 28, 2014

A Snowy Day Here In Cleveland

HELLO readers! It is a cold snowy night here in Cleveland and I am bundled up drinking hot chocolate.  Today was a GORGEOUS day and I wanted to share some snow pictures! It is not often that we get snow but when we do it is a BIG deal. Well at least it is for me anyways.  I am literally like a kid when it snows. I love it so much!

So I went to my first class this morning at 9:10 and when I came out it looked like this:

SO pretty! I knew I was going to have to walk to my next class.  I was just very thankful I wore my Hunters! They are perfect for snow days. However, unless you want cold feet, I suggest purchasing wellie socks for them!

As the day went on, my husband came and picked me up (I do not drive in the snow).  As we drove around, I took pictures.

 Lee’s new Chapel is gorgeous as it is, but in the snow it is absolutely breathtaking!  

Many Lee students have posted their snow pictures throughout the day.

This one is my personal favorite.  Joyce Lane, a Lee student, took this photo and posted it to Twitter:

As soon as I made it home I was dying to see how Charlie would react to the snow.  It was to my surprise that he HATED it! He wanted nothing to do with it at all.  As long as there is snow on the ground, he refuses to go outside. Poor Charlie! 

I hope everyone that received snow is enjoying it! Ya’ll stay warm!

January 23, 2014

Country Music From My Cousin: Adam Mullins

Music has always been a HUGE part of my life.  On my dad’s side of the family, everyone can play an instrument and sing.  Luckily I inherited the same talents as they do.  The only difference is I will not sing in front of anyone, only those I know well, and I can sing quiet well in fact.  However, I don’t mind playing my violin in front of anyone.

I have a video of my first birthday party. Adam, my cousin, was just a kid and was captured on video playing drums.  Everyone’s interest in music began at a young age.

Now, Adam Mullins travels and sings country music as his profession. His music is really starting to take off! “All My Favorite Memories,” is currently number 36 on The Music Row Country Breakout Charts!  His CD will be available August 20, 2013! I HIGHLY recommend everyone purchase it.

January 21, 2014

Our Wedding Story

To begin with...this is a picture of my husband, Jake, and I.

It took a long time to get where we are today but I am SO thankful for every stepping-stone God put in our path that put us here today. After 3 years of dating, many amazing memories and trials we have gone through together, we are FINALLY married! 
I do believe in the saying that "good things come to those who wait." This applies in my life because I literally dated one person my entire life (embarrassing and rare I know). I often thought to myself that maybe relationships were not meant for me. However, I now know this is not the case. God predestines us to be with someone in His timing. 

Waiting for the right man to come along was completely worth waiting for. I waited and he is seriously the greatest man God could ever allow to be my husband. 

The Wedding! 
For our wedding we choose a unique approach.  We picked Montego Bay, Jamaica as our wedding location! 

Seriously one of the most BEAUTIFUL places I have ever been! 

The wedding was fairly simple. Even with the help of 3 wedding coordinators there was still a lot of stress, as with any wedding.  However it was completely worth it! We had about 40 guests. Everyone had an amazing time! It was much more than I had expected. I would suggest to anyone that a destination wedding is the way to go! 

There are a TON of pictures! Here are come of my personal favorites...
The look on his face is priceless


A veil picture was a MUST! 

I was kind of sad that the wedding was done and finished. I was so used to planning something like everyday. However, I have so many amazing pictures and most importantly memories to relive our wedding day, seriously the greatest memory that will never be forgotten.

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