January 23, 2014

Country Music From My Cousin: Adam Mullins

Music has always been a HUGE part of my life.  On my dad’s side of the family, everyone can play an instrument and sing.  Luckily I inherited the same talents as they do.  The only difference is I will not sing in front of anyone, only those I know well, and I can sing quiet well in fact.  However, I don’t mind playing my violin in front of anyone.

I have a video of my first birthday party. Adam, my cousin, was just a kid and was captured on video playing drums.  Everyone’s interest in music began at a young age.

Now, Adam Mullins travels and sings country music as his profession. His music is really starting to take off! “All My Favorite Memories,” is currently number 36 on The Music Row Country Breakout Charts!  His CD will be available August 20, 2013! I HIGHLY recommend everyone purchase it.

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