January 28, 2014

A Snowy Day Here In Cleveland

HELLO readers! It is a cold snowy night here in Cleveland and I am bundled up drinking hot chocolate.  Today was a GORGEOUS day and I wanted to share some snow pictures! It is not often that we get snow but when we do it is a BIG deal. Well at least it is for me anyways.  I am literally like a kid when it snows. I love it so much!

So I went to my first class this morning at 9:10 and when I came out it looked like this:

SO pretty! I knew I was going to have to walk to my next class.  I was just very thankful I wore my Hunters! They are perfect for snow days. However, unless you want cold feet, I suggest purchasing wellie socks for them!

As the day went on, my husband came and picked me up (I do not drive in the snow).  As we drove around, I took pictures.

 Lee’s new Chapel is gorgeous as it is, but in the snow it is absolutely breathtaking!  

Many Lee students have posted their snow pictures throughout the day.

This one is my personal favorite.  Joyce Lane, a Lee student, took this photo and posted it to Twitter:

As soon as I made it home I was dying to see how Charlie would react to the snow.  It was to my surprise that he HATED it! He wanted nothing to do with it at all.  As long as there is snow on the ground, he refuses to go outside. Poor Charlie! 

I hope everyone that received snow is enjoying it! Ya’ll stay warm!

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  1. So, so, so pretty! We got so much snow here in Minneapolis, it was pretty much a white out. It's nice to see the more calmer side of it though, haha.

    Mostly Lisa


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