January 21, 2014

Our Wedding Story

To begin with...this is a picture of my husband, Jake, and I.

It took a long time to get where we are today but I am SO thankful for every stepping-stone God put in our path that put us here today. After 3 years of dating, many amazing memories and trials we have gone through together, we are FINALLY married! 
I do believe in the saying that "good things come to those who wait." This applies in my life because I literally dated one person my entire life (embarrassing and rare I know). I often thought to myself that maybe relationships were not meant for me. However, I now know this is not the case. God predestines us to be with someone in His timing. 

Waiting for the right man to come along was completely worth waiting for. I waited and he is seriously the greatest man God could ever allow to be my husband. 

The Wedding! 
For our wedding we choose a unique approach.  We picked Montego Bay, Jamaica as our wedding location! 

Seriously one of the most BEAUTIFUL places I have ever been! 

The wedding was fairly simple. Even with the help of 3 wedding coordinators there was still a lot of stress, as with any wedding.  However it was completely worth it! We had about 40 guests. Everyone had an amazing time! It was much more than I had expected. I would suggest to anyone that a destination wedding is the way to go! 

There are a TON of pictures! Here are come of my personal favorites...
The look on his face is priceless


A veil picture was a MUST! 

I was kind of sad that the wedding was done and finished. I was so used to planning something like everyday. However, I have so many amazing pictures and most importantly memories to relive our wedding day, seriously the greatest memory that will never be forgotten.

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