April 14, 2014

{A Sunday Funday Golf Outing}

What I am wearing- Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Croakies: Lilly Pulitzer, Monogram Necklace: MyPersonalized Etsy Shop, Skort: Vintage Lilly Pulitzer, Shoes: Sperry Topsiders  

 Golfing is a new hobby of mine that I love. Although I really enjoy playing, I have learned that it is the most frustrating sport ever. Lucky for me I have a patient husband willing to teach me.

The weather is becoming perfect for golfing. I am looking forward to playing more, and hopefully becoming better with time, and plenty of it!

I have been waiting for the perfect chance to wear my Lilly vintage skort, and today was the day. Who says you can't play golf in style? 

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