April 29, 2014

{April's Love in a Box}

This was my first time participating in Love in a Box Blogger Swap. It was a wonderful experience! I had the privilege of being paired up with Beth  Jenkins. It is always nice getting to meet other fellow bloggers. Beth has a blog called Wandering Forevermore. This is where she blogs about college, Life, DIYS, and more. I encourage everyone to visit her blog: Wandering Forevermore

This months box theme was Spring. Beth embodied the feeling of Spring with floral notecards, a decorative bird for flower arrangements, daisy grow kit, fingernail polish, facial mask, and eos. 

As you can see, I am already using my decorative bird in my flowers I just planted over the weekend. I adore the cuteness of the bird with my flowers! 

Speaking of flowers, I love that my kit included a daisy grow kit. It is obvious that I love flowers. I am looking forward to growing my own daisy!

Spring is a time to refresh your look. A coat of nail polish can do the trick. A facial mask will also rejuvenate your face from the dullness of winter skin. I cannot wait to use them both. 

I love and greatly appreciate this wonderful spring gift. Thank you to my new blogger friend Beth! 

If you would like to be apart of future Love in a Blogger Box swaps, Click Here.


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