March 14, 2014

Southern Style & Bristol Races


What I Know About Bristol
{The Good, The Bad, The Unexplainable}
I am SO excited to be going to Bristol on Sunday for the race (and already counting down the days till August!)! This is not the first time I’m going to a race and I know for a fact that it won’t be the last! I am slightly addicted to NASCAR and the atmosphere. I know many people have predetermined ideas of what a race looks like and how people behave.
Are they true? POSSIBLY.
I’ve seen EVERYTHING at a race...I mean EVERYTHING!

How I Plan To Dress
{Depending On The Crazy TN Weather}
Right now the weather looks pretty bad for the race...great. Another Daytona? I can’t handle another big break! 54 degrees 70% chance of rain.

My outfits are casual but classy for a NASCAR event. The number one thing in my book? Dress to support! I always try to wear colors that reflect the driver I am cheering for. This is hard for me because I have a few favorites. A part of me always cheers for Trevor Bayne since he is our hometown boy and Samantha Busch is one of my STYLE ICONS so I always am happy to see Kyle get a win! However...I was BORN AND RAISED an Earnhardt girl. And since Dale Jr. has already started the season so well how could I not wear Junior attire?

This outfit is purely based on the weather. It looks like the day won’t be one of the best so I tried to create an outfit based off that. I like the look of the neutral jeans, white silk top, and black Hunter boots with the pop of color from the Michael Kors bag. I LOVE a leather jacket for NASCAR races. It adds a bit of spice!

Bristol Race

H M silk blouse, $50 / Topshop biker jacket / True Religion jeans / MICHAEL Michael Kors red handbag, $525 / J crew necklace / HUNTER Original Tall shoes, $145

Every since I was a little girl, I have known what NASCAR is. Having grown up around it made me love and appreciate it even more. I will never forget the day I saw my mom cry non-stop because Dale Earnhardt passed away doing what he loved. All of my family, especially my grandparents, are die hard NASCAR fans. They are such big fans that they even have a room in their house specifically dedicated to it. I love going in this room and seeing all of the pictures they have taken years ago from past races and the many signed pictures from NASCAR drivers. They also own a DuPont trailer. My grandparents took me to my very first race in Bristol. They brought their RV to stay a week before the races began. I believe camping out with other race fans is how you get the FULL experience of what NASCAR is about. You get to meet so many people. Some really nice, classy people, and some drunk in lawn chairs sitting in the middle of a creek. This is all to be expected when putting yourself in a NASCAR environment. It is different types of people coming together for the sole purpose of cheering for their favorite driver, in my case, it is Dale Earnhardt Jr. I am counting down the days until Bristol this summer!

Here are some old pictures of me at my very first Bristol race:

I have only put a little thought into what I might be wearing to Bristol. This is an example of something I would wear.

This outfit combines my favorite items into one adorable NASCAR outfit. If you are going to a race, then you obviously will want a tee to support your favorite driver. For a preppy vibe, I paired Lilly shorts and pearls with it. I went a little out of the ordinary and paired it with cowgirl boots for a little bit of a Southern look. I thought a small cross-body bag would be ideal for fighting the crowds so I added a Kate Spade bag. By the way, I love the color!
NASCAR outfit # 1

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