March 12, 2014

A Look Inside My Lilly Pulitzer Jewelry Box

My Lilly P. jewelry box holds my favorite collection of earrings,bracelets,watches and rings. Pearls are my favorite Southern go-to. It is a piece that every Southern girl must own. I literally wear mine with everything. 

I also adore bright pieces of jewelry. The Lilly Pulitzer bangle is my most recent purchase. The vibrance of the bright colors are so pretty. I plan on pairing it with different Lilly prints.

I have an obsession with turquoise jewelry. From my turquoise bracelet to my many pairs of turquoise earrings, I love them all. 

If I don't have a watch on everyday, I literally feel naked. My favorite watches, that I own, are my tortoise shell Fossil and my rose gold Michael Kors.

My husband bought me Tory Burch tortoise shell heart earrings for Valentine's Day. Let me start by saying he did a PERFECT job at picking these out for me! I adore these earrings. They go with everything and are super classy. I am always getting compliments on them. 



  1. What a pretty box and so well arranged. I tried to give some order to my jewelry last weekend, but there are so many things, that I had to purchase online 3 big organizers to eventually squeeze them all in ;))


  2. Great idea for a post!! I love my Fossil watch too.

  3. LOVE the box!!!! So cute. I need to get me one of those to match my apartment!

  4. Oooh I love that box! It is so pretty! I need to get a jewelry box - mine is just a plastic tub :( You have such a pretty jewelry collection!


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