March 10, 2014

Meet a New Blogger Monday's: Featuring Breckenridge Clare

What is a day like in the life of Breckenridge Clare? Busy. Being a student, sharing my passion for blogging, interning, and working a part time job can be very hectic. But I love every minute of it despite how much I complain. My friends, fiancé, family, and Starbucks get me through the day. 

What inspired you to begin a blog? I wanted an outlet to share my style and what I was thinking. I had tried to blog before and I was scared of what people might think, and now I get that no matter what, it's your opinion of what you do that matters.

How long have you been blogging? I've had Whim of the South for a little over a year but I've only be "constantly" blogging since July of this past summer.

What gives you inspiration for your blog posts and why? The most random things can inspire me. Like if I see someone with a pop of color that I like, I'll try to create an outfit around it. My mood can inspire me. Or situations going on in my life such as finding out I'm gluten free and sharing new recipes with readers.

Who is your favorite designer? This is going to sound so cliche but Kate Spade. She took what she wanted (the perfect hand bag) and turned it into an amazing business.

What special talents do you have? My talents...hmmm. I hate bragging and talking about myself so this is hard, but I'm really good at social media skills and graphic design. My dad wanted me to learn as much about it when I was younger so it's like second nature now.

What category would you list your blog under? Fashion, etc.? My blog is a fashion & lifestyle blog. I love sharing my outfit posts but I also love sharing other relatable aspects of my life.

What/who in life is of most importance to you? Family, etc.? My family, fiancé, and friends are by far the most important people to me. My family and fiancé especially because no matter what they keep my head above everything.

What is your dream career and why? I would love to do one of two things: Either start my own social media management company or be a buyer/ stylist for a fabulous brand.

What is the best reward you receive from blogging? The best reward is the reaction of my readers. I had a girl email me a few months ago telling me that I inspired her new wardrobe. Things like that that show I'm actually making a difference in people's lives make it worth everything!

Thank you Breckenridge Clare for such a great interview. Please make sure to visit her AMAZING blog at: Whim Of The South


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