March 24, 2014

{Meet a New Blogger Monday's: Featuring Ashley Vickney}

What is a day like in the life of Ashley?
 I normally wake up, make a cup of coffee and read my favorite blogs! Then I get ready, eat breakfast and head out the door. Most mornings I start out working at the library, or with a meeting! I have an afternoon full of classes and meetings. I make dinner, head to a meeting and come back to work on homework or a post! I end my days with a phone conversation with my guy, and I make my todo list for the next day! 

What inspired you to begin a blog?

 As a PR major I wanted to stand out, but Carly from The College Prepster really inspired me to start!

How long have you been blogging? Just over a year now! It’s crazy to see how far my posts have come! 

What gives you inspiration for your blog posts and why? I would definitely say other bloggers, what I would want to read from other bloggers and what is happening in my everyday life. I would say the biggest inspiration would be from what I would want to read from other bloggers. I hope that I fill in the gaps for my readers! 

Who is your favorite designer? I’m not too big into fashion, but I have to say that I love Marc Jacobs or even Vera Wang. I have a pretty conservative, preppy style but I would like to think I could pull off their clothes!

What special talents do you have? I am able to public speak with little to no nerves. I think that’s a pretty big one. I guess another special talent would be multi-tasking. I can do quite a bit at one time! 

What category would you list your blog under? Fashion, etc.? I would definitely say it’s personal! I do a lot of college/university tips out of all them. This fall it will turn into a travel blog as I travel around Europe!

What/who in life is of most importance to you? Family, etc.? My family and friends are definitely at the top of my list. I’m incredibly blessed by the people in my life, I know I can get through anything with them by my side! My education is also really important to me because it’s my key to creating a life that I want.

What is your dream career and why? My dream career would be working at a PR Agency in a medium sized city! I love PR, and a PR agency would keep me interested and busy. 

What is the best reward you receive from blogging? I would definitely have to say that the people I’ve met has been the biggest reward! They are encouraging  and supportive. It’s really wonderful! 

A special thanks to Ashley for participating in Meet a New Blogger Monday's Series! I really enjoyed your interview. Be sure to visit her blog at: Purple & Pearls


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