October 20, 2014

Meet a Blogger Monday: Featuring Jaclyn

I am happy to announce that Meet a Blogger Monday's are back! I have truly missed getting to "meet" and learn a little bit about fellow bloggers. I created this series because I wanted more interaction within the blogging community. Through interviews, I get to learn a little bit about the person as well as their blog. My hope is that even after the interviews, I get to remain in contact with these amazing participants. Each Monday, a new blogger will be introduced. If you are interested in participating in this series, please feel free to contact me. 

To kick off this series once more, I had the privilege to interview Jaclyn. She blogs over at Destination TBD.

The Interview
Lifestyle Questions: 
-What is your occupation? If you are attending school and do not work, what is your major? I am a graduate student. I am in my second semester in the College Student Affairs program. I will graduate next December 2015.

-Where is your hometown located and what do you love about it? I am from South Jersey. I love that it is a family feel. I grew up there my whole life so I love that I can always go back there to feel like myself and feel comfortable.

-List any hobbies/talents you posses. I used to play field hockey from 5th grade through college. I really enjoy reading...anything – blogs, newspapers, books, anything. I would give up my athletic talents though to be able to sing like Carrie Underwood!

-How would you define your personal style? I think my personal style is ever changing. I like to keep up with the ever changing fashion world but I also like to stay classic too.

Blog Related Questions:
-Tell me a little bit about your blog (e.g. name, genre, etc.) My blog is called Destination TBD. I write about pretty much anything. I am hoping to get more into recipe posts. I came up with the name for my blog because I am trying to figure out where I want to end up and there are so many places I want to go, see and live and so many things that I want to do that I really don’t know where I’m going to end up.

-How did start blogging and how long have you been a blogger? I started blogging because a few summers ago I stumbled upon some blogs, I can’t remember how, but ever since then I have to read them every single day. I have been blogging since May. After reading different blogs I decided that I wanted to start my own but it took me a while to actually put it into action. I started right after graduation and joined the Her Campus Blogger Network, which has helped me to stick to my commitment.

-How do you find inspiration for your blog? I find inspiration for my blog by reading other blogs. I also find it useful to use the notes application on my phone because sometimes post inspiration will come to mind and I will quickly forget it if I don’t use the app.

-What do you ultimately hope to accomplish through blogging? My ultimate goal is to find a sense of community. I read about great friendships that other bloggers have found through their blogs and I hope to have that same experience.

Fall Questions:
-What is your favorite fall fashion staple? Scarves! In the fall I seriously wear a scarf every day as either part of my outfit or just with my coat.

-Apple Cider or Hot Cocoa? Depends on the mood – I usually would rather drink apple cider during the day and then hot cocoa at night.

-How do like to style plaid? I love the plaid style. My favorite is the Zara scarf. I don’t have that exact scarf but I got one that is similar looking from Charlotte Russe. I saw another great look-a-like Zara scarf at Target too.

-How do you celebrate fall? I haven’t been pumpkin carving in soooo long so I’m really hoping to get to a pumpkin patch soon to pick some pumpkins and monogram them haha! My favorite thing about the fall though is the weather and being able to light Bath and Body Works candles in their fall scents.

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