October 16, 2014

Home Details || Gallery Wall Inspiration

Pictures Courtesy of Pinterest 

Our master bedroom is calling for a gallery wall. I have found that gallery walls are my most recent obsession. So I figured why not create a post that inspires me, as well as others, to create one?Pinterest is my ultimate go-to for lovely gallery wall photos. It has provided me with so much inspiration for a multitude of around the house projects.

What exactly is a gallery wall you might ask. A gallery wall is strictly your OWN personal style hung up on the wall for you, and others, to enjoy. You can incorporate person photos, framed quotes you favor and any nicknacks of your choice. I personally love a mixed variety of colors, frame sizes, and nicknacks, this keeps things interesting. For example, I picked up a pair of gold antlers attached to a white plaque that will mix nicely with a variety of images.

Steps I Will Take:

-Go thrifting for antique frames and paint if need be
-Visit a local supply store to print off quotes I have found (via online) on matte photo paper
-Print any personal photos I wish to include
-Visit Hobby Lobby/TJ Maxx for nicknacks (These are my personal faves)
-Figure out the layout for my gallery wall (this may take a while)
-Hang images, here are a few options to hanging your masterpiece: Frame and nails, clipboards, command strips, or washi tape

Do you plan on creating a gallery wall any time soon? Or if you have already done one and have tips or photos, please feel free to share! 


  1. Just moved into my new apartment and found some great pieces of art canvas' from Home Goods! Super cheap with great prints.


  2. I love these! I might try them out to spice up my dorm room. Also, TJ Maxx has the best little cute decorations! Great post!

    Dezzie | dezziedarling.com

  3. Hanging up a gallery wall is on the top of my decor to-do list. Love the inspo!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules


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