January 18, 2015

SEL's Weekly Flashback

This week has been a week of fresh starts, a fresh start to a new semester and a whole new blog design. I love starting over with a new blank canvas, it motivates me to instill new goals. 

Here is my weekly flashback:

Clearly a new semester has begun, 3 of my Insta posts involved coffee. COFFEE FIRST, THEN TALK. I am obsessed with my coffee mugs, courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer and Anthropology.

SEL got a total haul, one that is classy. I seriously could not be anymore happy with the sophisticated look that the black and gold design creates. If you are in search for a new blog design, I highly suggest Brand Me Beautiful. They are just oh so fabulous! 

Today, I did a mini morning photo shoot. I am hoping to become a future model for Southern Cross Apparel. They offer preppy/trendy apparel for both men and women. Fingers crossed that I get to represent such a great southern company! 

If you aren't already following me on Instagram, head over and do so now. Instagram: @SouthernErvin


  1. Your new blog design is stunning! Good luck with your modeling endeavor - I'll cross my fingers for you! Looks like a great company.



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