June 5, 2014

A Preppy Quiz

What's your definition of preppy? 
My definition of preppy is not completely linked to the South. I believe any person, no matter location, can have a preppy style. The preppy style is about wearing monograms, Lilly Pulitzer, bow ties, pearls, Vineyard Vines, oxford button-ups, and bright colors. However, it is not strictly limited to these items. Just because you are preppy DOES NOT mean you are rich. In my opinion, preppy is all about being classy. You do not need a ton of money to have class. The preppy style is about the classics rather than the fads.

What's your all time favorite brand? 
This is an easy question for me to answer...LILLY PULITZER! I adore all of their clothing and accessories. The bright colors and patterns match my style to a tee. When my outfit consists of Lilly, I immediately feel bright and happy. "Being happy NEVER goes out of style." -Lilly Pulitzer 

What is your favorite Lilly print?
My immediate answer would be all of them. If I have to choose i'd say, "You Gotta Regatta." It is the holy grail of Lilly prints. 

Favorite preppy YouTuber? 
I do not really stay up to date with preppy YouTubers. However, I really adore Danielle Marie. Her YouTube channel is called,"The Makeup by Danielle." I found out about her through Instagram. I follow along and quickly learned that she has an amazing preppy style! 

Jack Rogers or Sperrys? 
Jack Rogers all the way! I literally wear them with everything. They have the ability to turn any outfit into a classy one. My monogrammed and paisley jacks are my ultimate go-to! 

Jeans or Khakis?

Duck Boots, Riding Boots or Hunters?
Hunters, they go with everything. You have the ability to create an adorable look with them in the rain and snow. 

Navy or Black?
Navy, I find that I do not wear much black. 

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love J.Crew?
10 + J.Crew has nailed the preppy style. You can create an endless amount of perfect outfits labeled with J.Crew.

Favorite Ralph Lauren clothing item?
I would have to say the Ralph Lauren sport shirts are my fave. I create a simple look with this tee-shirt paired with pearls. Not to mention they are super comfy. 

Pearls or bows?
I am saying BOTH, because it is impossible to pick between the two. Pearls and bows are both my favorite accessories because they are such classic pieces. 

Now it is your turn to complete the quiz! Remember to comment with the link to your quiz, once posted on your blog, so others and myself can read it.

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  1. This is by far my favorite tag! http://www.lmartthoughts.com/2013/10/friday-funday-vol-2-tag-preppy-life.html


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